Vapamore is Amore to my Floors!

Before we carry any new product, we rigorously test it.  The Vapamore Steam Cleaner was no exception.  During our testing, we discovered that the things it did well, it did REALLY well.  The things it did not so well, it did an OK job on.  The things it did poorly, it didn’t do at all.

I was so pleased to find out that one of the things it does really really really well are my tile floors.  Over the years I have used many things on my ceramic tile floors.  Most of them created streaks and all but a few required extensive rinsing.  Because I have so much white ceramic tile in my home, cleaning was an undertaking. For the last several years, what I found best was the vacuum the loose dust with my Miele Vacuum Cleaner and then mop with a dilute solution of water and M-1 House Wash.  When someone was sick, I mopped with water and Vital Oxide.

When testing the Vapamore Steam Cleaner, I was delighted to find out how well it worked on my tile floors.  At first, it seemed like an added chore to fill the steamer and wait for it to get hot. But I finally figured out that if I got the steamer ready first and then vacuumed, by the time I was through vacuuming, the Vapamore was ready.  Now I find it takes no more time than mopping….and I never need to rinse…and nothing feels better under your feet than a floor that has been steam cleaned!  See for yourself

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