Allergy Covers for Travel

Do you travel much for work or pleasure?  Do you worry about what’s lurking in that hotel bed?  If the answer to either question is “Yes” then you might want to invest in fitted dust mite-proof allergy covers for travel.  If you generally stay in a room with a king-size bed, get the king-size.  If you are a queen-size bed traveler, then the queen size is perfect for you.

These allergy covers for travel are made from a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester fused to a waterproof, dust-mite-proof membrane.  Instead of the traditional zippered construction, these covers are made in the same fashion as a fitted sheet.  With elastic bands on the corners, these covers are easy to slip on and off the bed.  That is what makes them perfect for travel.

A fitted cover does not give you the same level of protection as a zippered cover, but it certainly gives you more protection than doing nothing.  They easily fold into a compact size so they don’t take up much room in the suitcase, another reason these are great allergy covers for travel.

If you are a frequent hotel guest, you might want to think about bringing your own cover.  That way no matter the “history” of the bed, you are protected.  And speaking of protection, women travelers need to be particularly alert.

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