How Your Dust Mite Cover Should Fit?

We get lots of questions from people trying to decide what size dust mite cover to buy for their mattress.  Over the months, I have written lots about the different fabrics, but I don’t think I have ever addressed how the dust mite cover should fit.
How Should It Fit?
There is a misconception that the cover needs to fit tightly.  Actually, the opposite is true.  If you try to put a too small cover on a too large mattress you will put stress on the seams and the zipper closure.  Those are the weakest points in your line of defense against dust mites.  You don’t want any strain or stress on those seams or zippers.  So, your dust mite cover should fit loosely and not tight at all.
How Do You Measure the Depth?
Most people know what “size” their mattress is (queen, king, twin, full, etc) but they are not sure the depth of the mattress.  To measure the depth, you need to strip the bed down.  That means to remove all the bedding, including the sheets and any mattress pad you might keep on the bed.  Get down on eye level with the mattress (only measure the mattress for depth, do not include the box spring in the depth measurement) and measure from the top seam to the bottom seam.  If you have a pillow-top mattress, take the measurement in several places.
Round Up or Round Down?
Round that measurement up to determine the proper depth mattress cover to purchase.  For example, if your mattress measures 10″ deep, you want the 12″ deep cover.  While you might be able to stretch and tug to get a 9″ cover on that 10″ mattress, chances are you are going to stress the seam or tear out the zipper in your attempt.  While the 12″ cover will give you a little extra fabric, it does not affect the dust mite protection of the zippered mattress cover.  Just take that little bit of extra fabric and tuck it between the mattress and box spring.  Your fitted sheet will hold it in place.
Properly sized, your dust mite mattress cover will last for years and give you night after night of protection.  So make sure your dust mite cover fits right.
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