Allerpet Solutions for Pet Allergies

As a pet owner, (3 cats and 2 birds) I hate it when someone calls and tells me someone is allergic to the cat and the doctor said get rid of it. That’s like tossing out a family member. Getting rid of a family member because of pet allergies is just sad.


allerpet for pet allergiesThere are some people that have such severe pet allergies that they have no choice but to find their pet a new home.  Those are the exceptions, not the rule.  Before you evict Fluffy or Spike, try a few these things first if you can:
  • Keep the pet outside
  • Keep the pet out of the bedroom
  • Wash the bedding and anything else they get on
  • Treat them with Allerpet Solutions, Allerpet/C for cats and Allerpet/D for dogs. Allerpet Solutions gets rid of the dander and harmful allergens without hurting the pet.
  • Wash the dog, I will not try to wash my cats, with a good shampoo
  • Use HEPA air cleaners
  • Wipe down furniture and walls. Dander floats and sticks to everything
  • Get rid of rugs and carpeting or treat it
These are just a few suggestions that we have gotten from our customers over the years.
Wishing you the best of health
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