Love the sun? Love your skin with Sunsport35!

I hope everyone who observes the holiday had a great Easter.  Living in the south, we are quickly putting Spring after us and it is starting to feel like summer. My family spent the afternoon lazing by the backyard pool.  Even though it is only April, its not too soon to get a sunburn!  For those with sensitive skin, luckily, Vanicream has a great line of skin care items.  Before you go out, be sure to apply your Sunsport 35sunsport35 keeps you in the swim

More SPF is Not Always Bettter
We frequently get questions about why we only carry the SPF 35 and not the SPF 60 product by Vanicream.The truth is the 60 SPF doesn’t really provide any added level of protection and the Sunsport is waterproof.  Waterproof is important even if you aren’t going to be swimming.  Just good old sweat can lessen the effectiveness of your sunscreen. With the Sunsport 35 it is never a concern.
vanicream protects your skinVanicream for After the Sun
After the sun, be sure to use the Vanicream  cream or lotion.  Vanicream products have no formaldehyde, formaldehyde releasers, parabens, masking fragrances and other common irritants found in personal care items.

So get on your Sunsport 35 and get out there!  Blue skies and sunny days await you!

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