Vital Oxide Saves the Day (and Car)

Wow, Vital Oxide just saved the interior of my daughter’s car!  I can’t believe it.

I’ve told you before how Vital Oxide is an amazing antimicrobial spray.  Well, in this case, it saved replacing the interior of the car.

My daughter recently moved to Texas from Florida.  Just before she left, she accidentally left a window down and the interior of her car got wet.  We didn’t know this, and it just sat in the driveway in the hot sun.

Then a few days later it was towed across the country, in the heat.  The smell, when we opened the car door, was almost enough to make you vomit.  The warm, moist environment was perfect for the growth of mold.  Ewwwww.

Thank goodness it is a convertible and we were able to put the top down to help speed up the drying process.  It took over a quart of Vital Oxide, but the mold was killed and the odor was vanquished.

The car is drivable again, the new neighbors won’t think she is harboring a dead body in her trunk, and Mom and Dad didn’t have to spring for a new interior and graduate school all at once.

Vital Oxide saved the day again.  It is one amazing antimicrobial spray and mold slayer!

Til Next Time!

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