Extreme Allergy Control – Taking it Beyond the Limit

Talk about extreme allergy control! I was shocked to read today about a lady in Toronto that has asked her community to cut down the oak trees next to the school because her two children have nut allergies.
That’s right, nut allergies.  You can read the entire article here Mother Wants Trees Cut Down.
At first I thought there must be a mistake.  Why would you cut down oak trees because of nut allergies?  Unless your children think they are squirrels, they aren’t going to be eating the acorns.  Did she mistakenly believe that the acorns could be inhaled and make her children sick?  What kind of uninformed extreme allergy control measure could this be?
No, turns out not only does she know better, she is the head of the school’s Allergy Committee.  She is afraid that the acorns could be used to “bully and torment children”.  Bully and torment with acorns?  If this is her greatest fear, then she needs a serious reality check.
I’m a Mom.  I understand protecting your children.  Honestly, I tried to protect my kids even if I did let them drink out of the water hose and make mud pies.  I tried to protect them from real and present dangers.  Look both ways before you cross the street.  Swim in pairs.  Wear your helmet when you ride your bike.  Don’t take candy from strangers.  Don’t take candy from people you know unless it is chocolate and you are going to share with Mom.
My kids had allergies and I tried to control their exposure as much as possible.  Some people might think I used extreme allergy control measures because I had no carpeting in my home and ran air cleaners in each bedroom. But that doesn’t mean that I asked people to remove the carpeting from their house lest someone bully my child by rubbing their face in the carpet.
Let’s just be reasonable, shall we?
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